Best Meds

As an osteopath I do my best to alleviate the pain of my patients but sometimes the pain needs a little home help to move it through.  It is always interesting to More

Deep Tissue Massage

Feels Good AND Benefits Your Health Deep Tissue Massage (sometimes referred to as Sports Massage) is a type of massage therapy that focuses on realigning deeper layers of muscles and connective tissue. More

Burnout: a loss of hope?

Stress is a factor in our everyday life but how do you differentiate stress from burnout?  These two mental states are often lumped together but they are actually different sides of the More

Horticultural back pain

This week I’m thinking about ‘horticultural’ back pain….back pain suffered due to poor gardening techniques. Over enthusiastic digging by out of condition gardeners, backs that have been bent and stretched too far More

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