Billi Bliss - Osteopathy Canine Osteopathy Medical Acupuncturist

Billi is a human and canine Osteopath, a sports massage therapist and medical acupuncturist. Billi comes from a sporting background, in her younger years she competed at both a county and national level in competitive and synchronised swimming. This team training mentality has given her a unique insight into how sports driven minds work and how better to manage and treat patients in general.

Billi focuses her treatment on any patient who is experiencing pain or who wishes to improve their mobility and general wellbeing. She sees the great thing about Osteopathic treatment is that it can help anyone – it can be totally holistic or very specific depending on each individual case. She gains so much satisfaction by being able to treat different patients with different problems each day and having their pain resolve and getting them back to their lives.

As a further post graduate study Billi and is a qualified Medical Acupuncturist and attained a diploma in animal management and is trained as a Canine Osteopath. This has married her love for animals and their healthcare with her passion for Osteopathy and allows her to help animals in the same way she does human patients.