Maria Koslova
Maria Koslova - Foot Health Care

Originally from Moscow, Maria qualified as a nurse where she specialised in neurosurgery and geriatric care.

After moving to Britain, Maria retrained as a Foot Health Practitioner and gained her qualification from the SAME Institute (part of Anglia Ruskin University) in 2007. She is an Associate Member of the Institute and as such is bound by their code of ethics and fully covered by professional insurance.

Since she has built a successful visiting practise, providing footcare to patients in their homes across South East London and Kent and now she is coming to join our clinic.

For Maria, footcare is not just about trimming toenails: it covers the full range of treatments including more difficult problems such as problem nails, corns and calluses, and cracked heels.

At your initial consultation you will have your full medical history taken, a thorough examination of your feet to assess them and then with your consent, a full treatment will be carried out.

Each treatment session lasts up to half an hour and may also include advice on correct footwear, exercises to improve foot function and general tips needed to maintain healthy active feet

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