The Benefits of Daily Stretching

The Benefits of Daily Stretching

Stretching is not seen as an important part of your daily routine. Instead many opt to only stretch before and after vigorous exercise. However daily stretching can offer huge benefits both to your physical and mental health. If you find stretching difficult or don’t believe you are flexible just remember; the more you practise a skill, the better you will become. This is a rule in everyday life, so dedicating part of your day to stretching means your flexibility will continually increase and the stretches you do will become easier over time.


There are so many problems that practising daily stretching can help with. Many people suffer with bad posture which causes a lot of pain to the back and neck and can result in long term issues. Stretching can reverse the negatives effects of bad posture as it brings strength to your muscles and encourages them to form a better alignment. After practising this skill, you will find yourself less slouched and possibly with a lot less pain too. There are some benefits that you may not even notice, but practising stretching can make you less prone to injury by helping your body be prepared for injury. Stretching keeps your muscles warm and allows you to move more fluidly which means your body is more prepared for any shocks that could occur, like injury. It also increases your blood supply and blood flow which increases the supply of nutrients to the muscles. The effect of this is that it reduces your aches and pains, which again can reduce the risk of injury or increase the recovery time if you do hurt yourself.


The physical benefits of daily stretching are more commonly known, but there are a lot of mental benefits of stretching too. In refreshing the blood flow, it will help you recharge and give you a calmer mindset. This can be a tool in helping cope with conditions like stress and anxiety. If you find work or family life is getting on top of you,stretching allows you to slow your mind down and turn your concentration away from the aspects of your life that cause you stress. It can also lift your mood with the endorphins going through your body and give you a more positive outlook on what is causing you stress.


If you want to experience these benefits, then give daily stretching a go. You will soon see improvements and increased flexibility. Alternatively, practising yoga has the same effects as it is currently one of the only exercises where you practise stretching throughout and can truly see the benefits of just stretching.

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