I referred my wife to Lindley because she could not move her shoulder. This had been an ongoing problem since 2004, made worse by her having children. She had been going to an Osteopath randomly throughout that period.

Lindley not only rectified the problem in one visit but also explained what the probable cause was. The problem has not recurred in the last 6 months.

Lindley is a very skilled Osteopath that clearly doesn’t extend treatment periods unnecessarily as I’m sure many others do. I would happily recommend her.


“I would just like to say that she is a true professional in her own right, she always provides that personal service that makes you feel more than welcome and will take the time to explain things in layman’s terms, that even someone like me, can fully understand.”

Jim Stewart - Painter/Decorator

I just wanted to take this opportunity to say a big thank you to Lindley Horner of The Maple Clinic.

I have suffered from a re-occurring back pain for many years, especially in my line of work.

Although I have been to Lindley in the past, I would just like to say that she is a true professional in her own right, she always provides that personal service that makes you feel more than welcome and will take the time to explain things in layman’s terms, that even someone like me, can fully understand.

I would not hesitate to recommend Lindley to anyone.

Once again, many thanks.


I asked Lindley to take a look at my Mothers back problem because her Doctor seemed unable to find any way of alleviating the pain that my mother was feeling. We still had not had a proper diagnosis of the problem and more importantly a plan to go forward.

My Mother is not the easiest person to deal with in the medical and therapeutic environment but straight away Lindley made her feel relaxed, Lindley then diagnosed the problem and explained to us both exactly what was happening and also a way of reducing the pain by carrying out some physical exercise. Lindley also gave us some more information on the exact problem so that we could go away and read up on it.

My Mother is now able to walk with more confidence because she is now able to deal with the pain when it comes.

I have no hesitation in recommending Lindley for any injury or condition you may have, she really cares about what she does and always tries her best in any way she can to help people. One of the most important aspects about Lindley is that her work transcends Osteopathy and she is able to offer support on a personal and emotional level to those that she treats.

Thanks Lindley!


I would like to thank Lindley at the Osteopathic and Naturopathic clinic for the excellent job she done in sorting my back out.

I approached Lindley after having a bad back for a few months – I had previously heard from other people about how good Lindley is and so I thought I would book in an appointment. Being an athlete yet never using any osteopathic services before I was a little unsure of what to expect. Lindley put me at ease straight away and after telling her what I do and what my problem was she could identify a solution straight away.

Even after one session at The Maple Clinic my running feels a lot more comfortable and I would not hesitate to recommend her down at my local athletic club.


Dear Lindley,

I am writing to thank you for your continued help with my problematic back.

When we first met you took the time to find out about my arthritic hip and studied the MRI scans previously taken. This has enabled you to treat the backpain that my condition frequently causes and you have got me back on the mend each time. You have achieved this by using a variety of techniques including acupuncture, manipulation and cupping etc.

I would not hesitate in recommending you to anybody that suffers from back or joint pain.

Thank you once more.


If you don’t know your own strength, rush about, lack concentration and trip up a lot, suffer from clumsiness, impatience, tension or hereditary back or other problems this is the place for you.

I have been wrapped in sticky tape to slow me down and been stopped in my tracks due to severe pain and laid up for weeks past. I have been written off by the NHS several times as untreatable for various problems. I have always had a therapist and various degrees of success, but The Maple Clinic was local.

Then Lindley attended to me once a few years ago, but I am a regular with Clare for Deep Tissue Massage at Lindley’s suggestion, and a warning: this is not aromatherapy and it gets to the parts that other therapists can’t reach!

I have had a back operation, Lindley did not want to do any manipulation on my back and yet I am fitter than ever. I thank her for that. On rare occasion I have had an emergency, where I have suddenly gone into spasm, and at short notice have been treated by both Peter and Ned.

Once Peter stayed on to fit me in on a Saturday morning. My husband also goes to Peter occasionally to get straightened out. Peter and I discussed medications that I had been prescribed that were causing problems with my muscles and he is very knowledgeable on common medicines and side effects, and passes on information, so that you can read up and make more educated decisions about your healthcare.

As long as The Maple Clinic is open I will be a customer there. There is nothing worse than finding a good therapist and them moving on and you start all over again.

I am happy to be treated by anyone at The Maple Clinic and they all show a great deal more care for the person than one or two that I have met in the past. I can move around better, I have reduced incidents, I can drive for longer distance, I can breathe better, my migraines are less and I could not recommend the Maple Clinic enough. I wish them all much success.


I would like to thank you for my recent treatment to help relieve the headaches and migraines I have been suffering with for a number of years.

I am pleased to say that after visiting you a couple of times there have been a significant decrease in the number of headaches I get. Also, thanks to you taking the time to explain to me the causes and the difference in headaches and head pains, I feel more knowledgeable about how I can help myself. Your prices are also very reasonable and it’s worth every penny.

I would highly recommend your services to anyone considering using The Maple Clinic and next time, I won’t wait to feel great!

Thanks again,


My daughter was diagnosed with breast cancer on New Years’ Eve 2-13 and has undergone a series of treatments, almost too numerous to list. I am pleased to say that the treatments have been successful and that the long term prognosis is good.

However, in the latter stages of her treatment she suffered with a frozen shoulder which was not only painful but gave her very limited movement in her right arm, if any. I referred her to Lindley Horner at the Maple Clinic and my daughter was very impressed with her medical knowledge and understanding of the physical impact that the various treatments had had on her body. This was very reassuring to my daughter and she felt very comfortable with Lindley’s advice and treatment.

Lindley has recently recommended that my daughter completes her hospital treatments to see what movement returns, she felt that the Osteopathic therapy was complimenting the hospital treatment and therefore the extra cost wasn’t warranted.

I will certainly continue to recommend Lindley to anyone in my circle of friends who may be in need of her help.