Cranial Osteopathy

Cranial Osteopathy

Cranial osteopathy kent

Cranial Osteopathy is a gentler but still effective form of osteopathy which is used to feel the
ultra-fine changes of tissue tension within the whole body – not just the head. This type of
treatment involves palpation with a touch so light it may appear that the head is just being

In actual fact, this light palpation brings tissues into balance and allows them to release
built-up tension which restores health. A cranial osteopath works on all the structures within
the head but not exclusively – the gentle techniques can be used throughout the whole body.

So if you are looking for cranial osteopathy in kent and would like to book in with one of our osteopaths or discuss cranial osteopathy further, please contact the clinic on 01474 850500  or send us a message using the contact page. 

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What to Expect

At the Maple Clinic, we incorporate cranial osteopathy into the general osteopathic approach. So, whether your treatment is exclusively cranial or is mixed with a combination of other therapies is solely dependent on your specific case history and injury. When you have your initial consultation with an osteopath, they will take this case history and conduct a thorough examination to come to a diagnosis for your current symptoms and the best form of treatment for you.

The gentleness of cranial osteopathy means it is suitable for all ages including the elderly and infants.

The initial consultation for an osteopathic appointment at the Maple Clinic is £48 for 45 minutes. Any follow up appointment will be £44 for half an hour.


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