Cranial Osteopathy

Cranial Osteopathy

Also known as CranioSacral therapy, Osteopathy in the Cranial field is a gentle, safe and effective approach to a number of problems with a body.
Cranial Osteopaths go through the same process of training as a general osteopath before undergoing specialist tuition to develop the more subtle and refined sense of touch needed to feel the ultra-fine changes of tissue tension within the whole body – not just the head. A cranial osteopath includes all the structures within the head (hence the name) but is not exclusive to the head, the gentle techniques can be used throughout the whole body. Areas of strain and dysfunction can be detected and may pertain to old injury or postural strains that the body has over time adapted to causing current symptoms.

This type of treatment involves a very light palpation and because the touch is so light it may appear to the patient or an on looker as if nothing is happening – that the head is just being held – this could not be further from the what is actually happening. This light but specific palpation where necessary works to bring the tissues into balance and allow them to release the built up tension and restore health.

Because the treatment is so gentle it is suitable for all ages including the elderly and infants.
When you book an appointment with one of the Osteopaths the initial appointment will last 45 minutes.   We will take a detailed case history including information about your past medical history and current medications.  We will then conduct a thorough examination to come to a diagnosis for your current symptoms. This may be a structural or cranial examination.  At this time, we will discuss the therapeutic approach we may consider beneficial to alleviate your symptoms effectively and get you on the road to recovery as quickly as possible. At the Maple Clinic we incorporate cranial osteopathy into the general osteopathic approach. You may have an exclusively cranial treatment or a combination of other therapies such as structural osteopathy or medical acupuncture. The approach used will be discussed and only with your consent will any approach be used.

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