Foot Healthcare

Foot Healthcare

Foot Healthcare includes a range of treatments that help improve and maintain active and healthy feet. Each treatment lasts up to half an hour and consists of callus, corn and hard skin removal. It also includes toenail trimming and ingrown nail maintenance. This is often completed with a foot massage and advice on how best to look after your feet.

Feet are very complex structures and most people rely heavily on them on a daily basis, usual taking over 10 thousand steps per day. As well as helping you maintain the healthiness of your feet, a Foot Health Professional can also diagnose and advise on disorders, diseases and deformities on your feet.

Foot Health care can help with:

  • Toenail maintenance.
  • Callus & corn removal.
  • Ingrown toenail maintenance.
  • Athletes foot (tinea pedis).
  • Fungal toenail (onychomycosis).
  • Verrucas.
  • High-risk foot care for people with poor circulation, diabetes and rheumatologic conditions.
  • Foot wear advice and foot health education.

If you would like to book an appointment to see our Foot Health Practitioner to tend to your
feet, please contact the clinic on 01474 850500.

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What to Expect

At the initial consultation, you will have your full medical history taken, a thorough examination of your feet to assess them and then with your consent, a full treatment will be carried out. You will be advised on correct footwear, exercises to improve foot function and general tips needed to maintain healthy active feet. However, foot health professional can also help with conditions like athletes foot, verrucas, fungal toenail and people with poor circulation from things like diabetes or rheumatologic conditions.

Foot Care Specialist:

All our foot health treatments last up to half an hour and cost £32.


Maria Koslova - Foot Health Care
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