Naturopathy is a mode of treatment that uses the healing power of nature. It is a holistic system which involves understanding all aspects of the patient’s mind, body and spirit so that the Naturopath can find the cause of the disease or dysfunction.

This natural method of treatment is even more important in our current age of stress, poor diet, pollution and the general reduction in our innate level of health. Naturopathy works to support the body’s ability to heal as well as helping individuals with the lifestyle changes necessary to attain better health. This may include the treatment of acute (short lived) or chronic (longstanding) conditions along with preventative measures and education to help the patient towards long term health.

Naturopathy is a holistic system centred on the belief that good health is not just the absence of disease. We need to allow our health to thrive not just survive by promoting a high level of well-being through good diet, exercise and other techniques to encourage the best possible level of physiological wellness.

The 3 main philosophies of Naturopathy are:

  1. To embrace the healing power of nature and the body’s ability to heal itself.
  2. There is a connection between our structure, biochemical processes and our psychological outlook which is the Triad of Health. Imbalance occurs if even only one of the 3 is disrupted this in turn can lead to ill health.
  3. Everyone is unique and so will respond differently to outside influences and stimulations. In Naturopathy the treatment must be catered to the person and the prevention of ill health is preferable to the treatment of disease or dysfunction. Educating the patient is an important part of the treatment process.

At the Maple Clinic we are ‘Naturopathic Osteopaths’. All of our Osteopaths use some form of natural methods along with our osteopathic techniques to give our patients the most comprehensive treatment approach possible. This may include dietary advice or supplementation, homeopathy, acupuncture, cupping, herbal medicine or lifestyle advice. This is all part of a normal treatment no matter what methods are used.

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