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Our feet aren’t often seen as a part of the body that needs to be taken care of regularly. It is easy to forget how important they are to everyday life. From supporting our entire body weight constantly to dealing with compression and rubbing from footwear, our feet go through a lot. This means our feet are subjected to constant stress and strain. Over time as this pressure and friction increases our body reacts by adding extra layers of skin to our feet. Although this has been grown for protection the thick skin can often group at the ball, heels or toes of the foot.


Most of us will experience problems with our feet at some point whether the extra skin just results in cracked heels or develops into a condition like corns. The conditions that can occur on your feet are endless and the specific reasons could be anything from walking slightly more than usual to a change in the weather. A lot of these conditions arise just from age, as we grow older our feet have less cushioning and don’t heel as quickly. Regardless of the cause, many of these conditions can turn into something much more painful and troublesome in the future if left unintended.


The most common foot conditions include corns, callous, cracked heels and ingrown toenails. It is important to note that many every day things you are doing could add to the pain and discomfort of these conditions. Wearing incorrect running shoes, not cleaning your feet properly or not being aware of how you walk could make these conditions a lot worse. This is turn could make the likelihood of other running injuries increase such as lower back or knee pain. Overworking your feet or squeezing them into shoes that don’t feet will just cause unnecessary pressure, which will escalate and lead to many more issues.


Having regular foot care appointments will mean that you are aware of how to keep your feet healthy with the proper care and cleanliness. Regardless of whether it is to prevent any problems from occurring or to maintain a condition you are currently experiencing; it is important that you have regular maintenance and wear appropriate pressure support in your shoes. The key is to take care of your feet and having regular check ups with a professional is vital.

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